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The Stolen Princess (Ukraine, 2018)

Hero of My Time (Ukraine, 2018)

16.11.2018 at 18:30
Elokuvateatteri Kino K-13
Kanavakatu 12, 00160 Helsinki

Hero of My Time (Ukraine, 2018)
Social comedy
Directed by Tonya Noyabrova
80 mins
Audience: 12+
Language: Ukrainian, English subtitles

Tickets (5€) are available starting from 18.00 (card or cash)

Award: Best director (National Competition program) at Odessa International Film Festival (2018)

What is Ukraine beside the news from Donbas warzone? It is for example a story of young man Zhorik who comes to the capital for better life. Luxury city and newly proclaimed European values seem very tempting for him. However there he needs to fight Soviet-inherited bureaucracy, break the routine of ridiculous low-skilled jobs and climb the barriers separating people like him from city’s “upper class”. Finally, a small person in a big city is a story about many of us.

Screenplay: Tonya Noyabrova
Director of photography: Tato Kotetishvili
Cast: Evgen Bushmakin, Olena Kurta, Oleg Shevtsov
Producers: Anna Palenchuk, Mykola Konopelko


Organised by the Ukrainian Association in Finland.
Supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Finland, the city of Helsinki, Suomi – Ukraina-silta.