New book by Nataliya Teramae: Bohomazov in Finland. A Century Later
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Join the international campaign #StopEcocideUkraine, Narinkkatori, 23.04.2023 at 13:00

Waging brutal war in Ukraine, russia not only kills thousands of people and ruins Ukrainian cities, but also commits the crime of ecocide.
Russian troops destroy forests, steppes and seas, kill the animals and plants that live there. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine leads to climate change, and the damage to the environment has already exceeded a trillion hryvnias. Our nature will feel the consequences of this war for decades to come.

Terrorussia poses a threat to the entire planet, including a nuclear threat. The crime of ecocide must be recognized and punished at the international level.

Join the international campaign #stopEcocideUkraine to raise public awareness about ecological crimes of russia! Together we will promote the petition to European parliament to Stop ecocide in Ukraine and punish Russia for the crimes against environment.

23.04.2023 at 13:00,

The action is organised in partnership with Communities Army of Ukraine, UAnimals, KLYCH.