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One year since the Help Center opened its doors in Helsinki

Kirkkonummi sends tons of medical equipment a Perinatal Center in Kherson, Ukraine

In the 10th week of March 2023, the volunteers of the Logistics Center of the Ukrainian Association in Finland faced a challenge. The Kirkkonummen kunta has taken the health center out of use and a large amount of usable medical equipment and supply was donated to help Ukraine. The only requirement was to remove the devices from the health center premises by March 20.

After assessing the amount of work to come, it was decided to invite more volunteers to help through the Ukrainians in Finland FB-group. Many people responded to the invitation. Among them were members of the Ukrainalaiset Kirkkonummella community and residents of neighboring towns. Thanks to joint efforts, it was possible to complete the entire work in just two days. We loaded the first truck with medical equipment and it departed to the Kherson Municipal Perinatal Center in Ukraine which needs renovation after russian looting and bombing of Kherson.

On the Ukrainian side, the matter is coordinated by the volunteer organization Громада UA.

The Association and Logistics Center’s team are very grateful to the Kirkkonummen kunta – Kyrkslätts kommun for the given aid and to all the volunteers involved in sorting and loading the humanitarian aid. This case showed once again that we are strong in unity and we have support in Europe and especially in Finland.

Together for victory and peace!