Ukrainalaisten Yhdistys Suomessa ry:n mielipide venäjämielisten kulttuuriyhdistysten toiminnasta ns. “Ukrainan tueksi”
Holodomor genocide of the Ukrainian people

Light a Memory Candle, 26.11.2022, 16:00, Hietaniemen hautausmaa, Helsinki

russia invaded Ukraine to commit the crime of genocide – to destroy the Ukrainian nation. Destroy Ukrainian identity, culture, language. For this purpose, the occupiers kill and deport Ukrainians, destroy cities, and burn Ukrainian books.

But this is not the first crime of genocide committed by russia against Ukraine. In 1932-1933, communist totalitarian regime – the predecessor of the current kremlin regime committed the crime of genocide in Ukraine – Holodomor. Millions of Ukrainians were killed by a deliberately created famine. The destinies of millions were crippled.

Every year on the fourth Saturday of November, Ukrainians honor the memory of millions of victims of the Holodomor. This year, the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holodomor is November 26.

On this day, at 4:00 p.m., after the national minute of silence, the “Light a candle of memory!” campaign will be held. Ukrainians all over the world will light candles on windowsills or near Holodomor memorials.

We invite you to gather and light a candle near the Monument to the past generations and those who are buried far away in the central Helsinki cemetery Hietaniemi. It is marked on the map as sector R (Monument to past generations and the deceased buried elsewhere) –

Bring candles with you.

Wherever we are, let us remember the great crime committed by the Soviet authorities against the Ukrainian people.

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