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We dispatched to Ukraine the 56th truck with humanitarian aid

Together we have the power! 

Endless artillery shelling and missile and drone attacks lead to the death and injury of both civilians and defenders of Ukraine. As a result, the number of injured people who will need medical treatment and support is increasing every day. The Logistics Center of Ukrainian Association in Finland constantly sends to Ukraine medical equipment donated by various medical institutions and sent by Finnish volunteers.

Also this time, medical equipment was donated by Minna Brun ja Mia Iso-Pahkala. The delivery to the Logistics Center was not easy, but thanks to Erja Partanen, who agreed with the Luksia school to provide a truck, and teacher of logistics Sirpa Roivainen, who volunteered to use the school time to improve the students’ practical skills and to do a good deed.

Ukrainian Association in Finland is grateful to all residents of Finland who have been supporting Ukrainians and Ukraine in its struggle for existence and desire to be in a democratic world for 1.5 years.

Together to victory and peace!