Night of the Arts at Töölöntori: An Evening of Ukrainian dance and song

Ukrainian Association in Finland continues to help young Ukrainian musicians

Dear friends, we’d like to report on how the funds raised for music schools and their students in Ukraine have been put to use. Here is a very touching story about 9-year-old Zariana and her harp.

In the beginning of 2021, Zariana happily started her harp studies in Kyiv. Since her family could not afford buying an instrument, they borrowed a new student harp from (Revutsky music school n.5) in Kyiv.

After February 24, 2022, music became an essential part of Zariana’s life. It helped her to escape the horrors of war raging around Motizhyn village, near Bucha. She would sit in the cellar and practice daily, trying to cover the sounds of shelling with music. Being under russian occupation, her family managed to escape. Two days later they heard that their house was completely burned down by russians, together with all their belongings, including the precious harp.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland, together with flutist Iryna Gorkun-Silén, managed to buy a harp for the music school, covering the loss of the burned instrument. Additionally, we decided to support Zariana’s family by buying a harp for her own use.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland continues to help Ukrainian music schools and young Ukrainian musicians who are suffering from the war. By participating in our events and by attending our concerts, you actively support our mission and contribute to the preservation of Ukrainian culture. We invite you to the upcoming concert “Celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day” –