5-го січня 2023 року волонтери завантажили 37-му вантажівку
Mitä lahjoituksia tarvitaan Ukrainassa juuri nyt?

Metropolia Business School welcomes Ukrainians to apply to courses and programs in Business and Engineering/Technology fields.

Metropolia Business School at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
welcomes Ukrainian holders of temporary protection status to apply to available open courses and to the longer studies in the Bachelor´s and Master´s programs in Business and Engineering/ Technology fields.

The programs are currently open for application. The studies offered in Finnish or English language will start in September 2023. There is no age limit for the applicants. No fees; attach your document about the temporary protection with your application.

Both face-to-face and online study options available, depending on the program.
Selected examples include:

  • Bachelor´s Programme in International Business and Logistics (IBL)
  • Master´s Programme in Business Informatics (BI MBA) for applicants with previous education in business
  • Master´s Programme in Business Informatics (BI MEng) for applicants with previous education in engineering / technology
  • Master´s Programme in Procurement (Procu MBA) for applicants with previous education in business.

Metropolia also offers Career Guidance and Counselling service helping immigrants to find study places across all Finland and provide consultations about education opportunities. This service in free of charge.

Contact Metropolia & apply for a study place today!