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Ukrainians in Finland demand that Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski is brought to justice

Open letter to: 

Ministry of the Interior, 
Ministry of Justice,
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

On Friday 8.12.2023 the Supreme Court of Finland ruled that a terrorist and war criminal Voislav Torden also known as Jan Petrovski can’t be extradited to Ukraine and must be immediately released. On Saturday it was announced that Finnish police were examining the evidence provided by Ukraine and considering opening an investigation

Ukraine accuses Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski of creating and leading a terrorist organisation Rusich that was sponsored by Russia, fought against Ukrainian defence forces and killed civilians in Ukraine from 2014 to 2022. There is plenty of publicly available evidence of crimes against humanity committed by this group in Ukraine.

We demand that Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski, suspected in such serious crimes as murder and terrorism, is brought to justice.

We the Ukrainian Association in Finland, the Association of Ukrainians in Tampere, the Association of Ukrainians of Northern Ostrobothnia, Ukrainians in Kirkkonummi, the Association of Ukrainians in Pietarsaari, the Ukrainian Association in Forssa, the Association of Ukrainians in Eastern Uusimaa, Association of Ukrainians in Kotka, Association of Ukrainians in Hamina, Ukrainians of Lappeenranta region, are confident that Torden/ Petrovski is a threat to victims and witnesses of crimes committed by Rusich group and other Russian terrorist groups active in Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine since 2014. Finland won’t be safe for its citizens and residents, especially for Ukrainians, if Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski is free.  

We ask Finland not to deport Torden / Petrovski to Russia. His deportation would mean escaping from justice. If released Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski can come back to the occupied territories of Ukraine and continue the crimes in which he is suspected.

Ukrainian Association in Finland / Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Suomessa ry

Ukrainians in Kirkkonummi / Ukrainalaiset Kirkkonummella ry

the Association of Ukrainians in Tampere/ Tampereen ukrainalaisten yhdistys Suomessa ry

Ukrainian Association in Forssa / Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Forsassa ry

Association of Ukrainians of Northern Ostrobothnia / Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Ukrainalaisten Yhdistys Ry

Association of Ukrainians in Eastern Uusimaa / Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Itä-Uudellamaalla ry

Association of Ukrainians in Pietarsaari / Ukrainan Yhdistys Pietarsaaressa ry

Association of Ukrainians in Kotka / Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Kotkassa гy

Association of Ukrainians in Hamina/ Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Haminassa ry

Ukrainians of Lappeenranta region/ Lappeenrannan Seudun Ukrainalaiset ry

Picture:  Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva