Ласкаво просимо до наметів Товариства українців у Фінляндії на фестивалі Maailma kylässä у Сувілахті, 27-28 травня
Товариство українців у Фінляндії шукає працівника на вакансію координатора культурних проектів

EVENT POSPONED! Welcome to a charity dinner for Ukraine! Hangon Casino

We will post the information about the new date for the Charity Dinner! We apologise for any inconvenience. Event team, 29.05.2023

Welcome to a charity dinner for Ukraine!

This is a unique event that will allow you to immerse in Ukrainian culture and will change your perception of food!

The team of Ievgen Klopotenko (Євген Клопотенко) – the Ukrainian Celebrity Chef, will present the “Theater of borscht” – a 6-course menu that will give you a taste of authentic Ukrainian cuisine. We do not announce dishes or ingredients in advance: each dish should become a riddle to be solved in the company of a well-known master chef Mykyta Sylin

The dinner will be accompanied by a live music performance.