Personal data policy

In order to perform its duties Ukrainian Association in Finland has to collect and store personal data of its members. The data we collect includes:

  • Full name provided in both latin and cyrillic
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address.

This data is mandatory for all of the members hence by submitting your registration request you give your consent to store personal data listed above.

Every person who’s data is stored in our registry is allowed to withdraw his/her consent at any time and request to delete his/her data in such way that it can not be restored. Send your requests to

Every person is allowed to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her is collected and request copies of all those records. Send your requests to

In order to send you news and updates via email we ask your consent. In case this consent was given you are allowed to withdraw it at any time via “Update form” or by sending message to

We also ask your consent to provide third parties with your personal data. However if the consent is given data will not be disclosed without notice and we will contact you personally about every case. You are allowed to withdraw your consent at any time via “Update form” or by sending request to

Occasionally we organize events and collect personal data from the participants (e.g. names). Data collected for events is stored for period of that particular event and is destroyed immediately after it.

Send all personal data related requests and questions to

Registration form —

Update form —