Пресс-релиз: Товарищество украинцев в Финляндии глубоко обеспокоено эскалацией языка вражды в социальных медиа и его влиянием на финское общество. 5.3.2022
Hotline for Ukrainians arriving in Finland

The Ukrainian Association in Finland has reopened its central warehouse and we are accepting donations

Update 22.03.2022: The warehouse has moved. Kattilahalli is closed

For the purpose of sending humanitarian aid use the service www.autaukrainaa.fi . Using this service, you can:

(a) find out what is needed most,
(b) you can print a ready-made label with the text about the recipient, which you then need to stick to the parcel, and
(c) find out the location of the nearest humanitarian aid collection point at Posti, Matkahuolto, Postnord, where you can take the parcel yourself

The Ukrainian Association in Finland also collects monetary donations. More details here on our website https://ukrainians.fi/donate/