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Jointly with Kirkkonummi municipality we helped to equip the hospitals in the city of Dnipro and the city of Novomoskovsk

In this publication, we report on how aid delivered in March 2023 by the Logistics Center of Ukrainian Association in Finland helped to equip the hospitals in the city of Dnipro and the city of Novomoskovsk.

We want once again to thank the community of Kirkkonummen kunta – Kyrkslätts kommun and all the Finns and Ukrainians from the Ukrainalaiset Kirkkonummella for the help provided. Thanks to you, two hospitals in the Dnipropetrovsk region and several medical institutions in the Kherson region received the necessary equipment that allows saving the lives of civilians and defenders of Ukraine. Especially in such moments of crisis as the flooding of the Kherson region as a result of the blowing up of the Kakhoska HPS by Russian terrorists.

Moreover, your act has inspired other cities in Finland, such as Lahti and Kauhava, to provide similar aid. Considering the long distance, the Logistics Center of of Ukrainian Association in Finland helped with consultation and transportation to Ukraine. Medical equipment from the Kauhava city hospital will go to the Valky Central District Hospital (Valkivs`ka Tsentral`na Raryonna Likarnya) in the city of Valky, Kharkiv region. In the city of Kauhava, we cooperated with the Kauhavan Rotaryklubi ry, and in Ukraine with the Rotary Club Kharkiv “New Level”.

In total, thanks to joint efforts, we’ve sent 6 trucks of various medical equipment and furniture for hospitals in different regions of Ukraine. It is clear that even the smallest efforts,help and smallmoney amounts multiplied will have power in the end. The power that saves lives, helps poor and gives the future.

You can contribute to the victory of Ukraine and peace in the world for free through the Auta Ukrainaa service.

Together to Victory and Peace!

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