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66th Truck with Aid to Ukraine

UAF continues to support young Ukrainian musicians

Dear friends, this year Ukrainian Association in Finland continues to support Ukrainian music schools and young Ukrainian musicians.

The money collected at the charity concerts in the beginning of the year was used to buy musical instruments, scores and other necessary things for music schools. In May’24, the violin class (teacher Olga Kuzmenko) of the Makariv music school was visited by our cultural coordinator Iryna Gorkun-Silén. Talented young violin players performed a small concert for the guest. Last year, the Ukrainian Association in Finland supported Makariv’s violin class by buying them new violins, instruments, sets of strings and other important musical accessories.

Additionally, in May 2024 UAF provided violin strings to the Makariv’s music school, the music school of Chop (percussion instruments, wind instruments, guitar, keyboards, strings, etc.). The UAF bought a cello for Nadiya, a girl from Mariupol, who fled the city and continued her music studies in Kyiv. The family could not bring their own instrument when fleeing from Mariupol, so UAF decided to buy Nadiya an instrument. Another instrument, a flute, was given to a student of the Kyiv Music School, daughter of a Ukrainian defender.

We are grateful to everyone who continues to support our project, and to everyone who attends our charity concerts. Special thanks to Soitin Laine, Huilupiste and Riina for your input and help!

We invite everyone to attend our charity concerts on 26.7.-28.7.2024 at Hietsun Paviljonki: http://www.hietsunpaviljonki.fi/otretaya/ukrainiansummer

All the ticket sales will go to support children from the Kherson music school.