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Metropolia Business School welcomes Ukrainians to apply to courses and programs in Business and Engineering/Technology fields

UKRAINE UNITED WITH THE WORLD, 22.01.2023, 13.00, Narinkkatori, Helsinki

On the 22nd of January Ukraine celebrates the Day of Unity of Ukraine. Not all Ukrainian lands are under the blue-and-yellow flag now but Ukrainians are united as never before. United in our fight for freedom and safety, united in our wish for long-lasting peace in our country and in the whole world.

Ukraine showed with its own example that aggression can be and must be fought back. The terrorist state of russia understands only the language of force. The whole civilized world supports Ukraine. We hope that Finland and other democratic countries will continue to help our country until the victory.

Let’s show all together that we are united in this battle. Join us on the international rally #UkraineUnitedWithTheWorld

Time: Sunday, 22.01.2023, at 13:00

Place: Narinkkatori, Helsinki

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