23-25.10 – Ukrainian Film Days in Helsinki
Звернення до президента та прем’єр-міністра Фінляндії

Support Ukraine, save the peace in Europe

Today, Russia has concentrated its troops near the borders of Ukraine and is threatening us with a full-scale war. It is a threat not only to our state. It is a threat to peace in the whole of Europe.
If we don’t stop the aggressor, anyone could become the next victim of Moscow’s imperial ambitions.
That is why the international community is uniting to show Russia that encroachment on the territorial integrity of a sovereign country is unacceptable. War in Europe is unacceptable.

Ukrainian Association in Finland calls on all representatives of friendly nations to unite and join Ukrainians in the demonstration against Russian aggression. Together we are going to appeal to the Parliament of Finland and the Finnish people to support Ukraine and save the peace in Europe.

We hope to gather as many participants as possible to have a greater resonance of the action. For each of us, this is a chance to make a small contribution to protecting Europe’s peaceful future. Now is not the time to stay in the comfort zone “out of politics”. If war breaks out, it will affect each of us.

Come with the family, invite friends and acquaintances, bring the flags of your countries.

Date and time of the meeting: February 5, 2022, 1:00 p.m.

Place: Mannerheim Monument.

Route: Mannerheim Monument – Aleksanterinkatu – Senate Square.

Make sure you arrive to the venue healthy and comply with recommendations given by officias regarding COVID-19