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Ukrainians in Finland demand that Voislav Torden/Jan Petrovski is brought to justice

58th Truck’s Report

In the second year of the war, fatigue, exhaustion and the despair of one’s strength are the companions of almost every citizen, and volunteer of organizations and countries helping Ukraine. However, this is not a reason for the volunteers of the @Ukrainian Association in Finland ( Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Suomessa ry ) to stop helping Ukraine, just as its defenders do not stop to defend its integrity and sovereignty.

An example is the 58th truck sent to “Volunteers’ headquarters “LAD” ( Волонтерський штаб «ЛАД» ) by the volunteers of the Auta Ukrainaa Logistiikkakeskus of the Ukrainian Association in Finland. On the way to the finish line, during the one-month trip, the cargo passed through two re-loads in cities such as Warsaw (Poland) and Lviv (Ukraine).

Among the benefactors, I would like to mention the Finnish folk, who have continuously supported Ukraine in its struggle for almost 2 years, and private companies, which are no worse than it in this matter. Ahola Transport is a leader among companies assisting the Logistics Center in Finland and Europe. With Ukrainian logistics, Nova Poshta ( Нова пошта ) helped “Volunteers’ headquarters “LAD” by delivering cargo from Lviv to Cherkasy free of charge.

Thanks to the high coordination of efforts of all parties, the cargo has arrived in its entirety at the warehouse in the city of Cherkasy and is being prepared for final delivery.

Together for victory and peace!

Auta Ukrainaa

Auta Ukrainaa Logistiikkakeskus / Help Ukraine Logistics Center

Ukrainalaisten yhdistys Suomessa ry / Товариство українців у Фінляндії

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Волонтерський штаб «ЛАД»