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The 36th truck with aid to Ukraine

On the last day of November 2022, the 10th month of the russian terrorist state’s large-scale attack, the volunteers of Logistics Center of Ukrainian Association in Finland loaded the 36th truck with aid to Ukraine. This time the cargo goes directly to the city of Cherkasy in central Ukraine. The Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Sich” ( Українська ГО «Січ» ) is responsible for distributing aid in Ukraine to the places where it is most needed.

The collection of necessary goods such as medicines, medical clothes, hospital beds, food, generators, etc. was only possible thanks to the continuous, unstoppable support of the Finnish society. For example, the Rotary Club from the city of Sysmä ( Sysmän Rotaryklubi Ry ) sent 8 hospital beds and 7 wheelchairs. The Kemser ( ) company donated a large boiler to the kitchen. And, there are thousands of people with BIG HEARTS who send us packages through the Auta Ukrainaa service ( ).

We are grateful to everyone who, by limiting themselves, saves the lives of Ukrainians. The lives of children and their parents! The life of pets and homeless animals.

Together for victory and peace!

Logistiikkakeskus / Logistics Center

Auta Ukrainaa