Welcome to a Christmas concert at Espoo Cathedral on the 7th of December at 19:00
The Ukrainian Association in Finland has become an associate member of the Ukrainian World Congress!

THE SOCIAL SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR 2023 donated their award to Ukrainian Association in Finland 

On photo : 
YKA’s chairperson Antton Rönnholm 
UYS’s chairperson Vassili Goutsoul
YKAs council’s chairperson Kirsi Marttinen
Eerik Matero from Ukraine situation map group
Emil Kastehelmi from the Ukraine situation map group
YKA’s vice chairperson Hanna Sauli

The group of social science professionals and OSINT experts Emil Kastehelmi, John Helin, and Eerik Matero won the Social Scientist of the Year 2023 nomination. Social Science Professionals (Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry / YKA) has chosen to award this  collective for their contribution to the unveiling the verifiable and close-to real-time coverage of situation on the battlefields of russia’s war against Ukraine. Emil Kastehelme, John Helin, and Eerik Matero  created and maintained a war map based on the open sources. 

We would like to thank Emil, John, and Eerik for their work and for donating their prize of €2,500 to support our humanitarian projects!