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New book by Nataliya Teramae: Bohomazov in Finland. A Century Later

Cultural diplomacy is one of the activities of the Ukrainian Association in Finland. Therefore, we are pleased to announce one of the fruits of our labor – the book – “Bohomazov in Finland. A Century Later”, released by Ukrainian publishing house “Rodovid”. Author Nataliya Teramae is a Ukrainian researcher and journalist and acting board member of the Association.

In 1911, the newspaper “Kievskaia Misl” sent Oleksandr Bohomazov on an artistic trip to Finland, which resulted in a series of works known as the “Finnish cycle” as well as several media publications. Nataliya Teramae reconstructs the Finnish journey of Bohomazov through his artwork, letters and family memories, as well as her own trip and consultations with Finnish historians and art critics.

“I want us to see in Bohomazov’s canvases, watercolors and graphics not an abstract north, but specific places, with specific history and color. I want us to hear the sounds of Finland, the noise of Imatra’s rapids, the whispering of Saimaa’s waves, the sighing of the pines in Punkaharju and the bell near the medieval fortress of Olavinlinna. I wish for us, traveling around the world, to follow the routes outlined by our great ones. To see the world via their images and associations. I also want to restore the lost links between Finland and Ukraine. There aren’t so many, thus they are so valuable.”

Oleksandr Bohomazov (1880-1930) was a Ukrainian artist, teacher and cubofuturist theoretician. He called a regular square the perfect shape in art a year before the conceptual Black Square by Kazimir Malevich emerged. He is often called the “Ukrainian Picasso”. However, Oleksandr Bohomazov was a contributor to the global avant-garde with talents equivalent to those exhibited in French cubism.

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We are looking for a possibility of translating “Bohomazov in Finland. A century Later” into Finnish in order to give Finnish people an access to an untwisted representation of the Ukrainian avant -garde.