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Helsinki Medal to mark the important work of our Help Center’s team

One question we often receive is “How do you know what is needed in Ukraine?”

Our main source of information about the exact needs of Ukrainians around the country are Ukrainian NGOs, hospitals, local administrations, volunteer groups all around Ukraine.  When in  February 2022 russia started a large-scale invasion of Ukraine we received an avalanche of help requests from the towns and communities on the front lines.

Since the beginning of the russian attack on Ukraine in 2014, we knew and  cooperated with many of these organizations in  delivering humanitarian aid to hospitals, IDPs, and civilians on front lines. Because of the experience that we had gathered since then, they knew how to acquire accurate information about the current needs, how to communicate with organizations that could deliver humanitarian aid to the destination.

Thanks to the cooperation with these voluntary organizations, we were able to ship humanitarian aid from Finland directly to front-line communities like Severodonetsk, Hostomel ja Butša where it was needed the most. We have heard from the volunteers that our humanitarian aid from Finland has saved many, many lives. We will share some of the stories in the coming weeks. Not only to thank all individuals, companies, and volunteers who have donated and processed humanitarian aid, but also to remind about many more lives to be saved. We need your help!    Donate!