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Executive Summary

The Ukrainian Association in Finland is a vibrant and inclusive organization dedicated to fostering a strong Ukrainian community within Finland. Established in 1997, the Association serves as a platform for Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to connect, collaborate, and promote Ukrainian culture, traditions, and values. This executive summary provides an overview of the Ukrainian Association in Finland, highlighting its objectives, activities, and achievements.

The Association has set forth the following objectives to guide its work:

Community Building: The UAF aims to bring together Ukrainians residing in Finland and create a supportive community network. It strives to nurture a sense of belonging and solidarity among members through various social and cultural activities.

Cultural Exchange: Promoting the richness and diversity of Ukrainian culture is a core focus of the UAF. The association organizes events, workshops, and festivals to showcase Ukrainian traditions, art, music, and cuisine, thus fostering cultural exchange between Ukrainians and the broader Finnish society.

Education and Integration: The UAF actively supports the educational and integration needs of Ukrainians in Finland. It offers language classes, educational programs, and workshops to assist individuals in learning Finnish and adapting to Finnish society. Moreover, the UAF collaborates with local institutions to enhance understanding and appreciation of Ukrainian heritage.

The Association organizes a wide range of activities and initiatives throughout the year. These include:

Events and Celebrations: The Association celebrates key Ukrainian holidays, such as Ukrainian Independence Day and Easter, organizing cultural events, performances, and traditional festivities. These events not only provide an opportunity for the Ukrainian community to gather but also allow for cross-cultural engagement with the Finnish population.

Language and Cultural Workshops: The Association conducts language courses, cultural workshops, and seminars to promote the Ukrainian language, history, and culture. These initiatives aim to preserve the Ukrainian identity among community members and create a sense of pride in their heritage.

Social Integration Programs: Recognizing the importance of integration, the Association supports Ukrainians in their journey to adapt to Finnish society. It offers guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities to newcomers, facilitating their integration into various spheres of Finnish life.

Since its establishment, the Ukrainian Association in Finland has made significant contributions to the Ukrainian community and the broader Finnish society. Some notable achievements include:

Community Growth and Engagement: The Association has successfully expanded its membership base, attracting Ukrainians from various regions and backgrounds. Through its events and activities, the Association has fostered a strong sense of belonging and unity among community members.

Cultural Promotion and Awareness: The Association has played a vital role in promoting Ukrainian culture in Finland. Its events and workshops have increased awareness and appreciation of Ukrainian traditions, enhancing cultural diversity and understanding within Finnish society.

Language and Educational Support: The Association’s language courses and educational initiatives have empowered Ukrainians to learn Finnish, facilitating their integration into Finnish society. The Association’s efforts have contributed to the academic and professional success of community members.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland is a dynamic organization that plays a pivotal role in fostering a thriving Ukrainian community in Finland. Through its diverse range of activities, cultural initiatives, and educational programs, the Association actively contributes to the integration, well-being, and cultural preservation of Ukrainians in Finland. With its strong foundation and commitment to excellence, the Association continues to create a positive impact on both the Ukrainian community and the broader Finnish society.

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