PERUTTU:”Venäjän hyökkäyssota Ukrainaan: siviilit tulituksen kohteena”. Elokuvanäytös ja keskustelu Anna-Lena Laurénin kanssa
Ukrainalaisten Yhdistys Suomessa on mukana Maailma Kylässä -festivaalissa, Helsingin Suvilahdessa 27.5.-28.5.2023.

Today Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine gathered for the Vyshyvanka Day march

Today Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine gathered for the special Vyshyvanka Day march. As the 18th of May is also the Remembrance Day for Crimean Tatar genocide, we devoted our demonstration to the victims of russian deportations, past and present. In memory of them Sofiia Yakovyshyna insightfully sang the composition ”1944”. Our choir ”Perespiv” performed the famous Ukrainian song ”Dumy moi, dumy moi” and, as a gratitude sign for the supporting Finnish community, ”Finlandia”.

We were honored to see combat medic Tina Soini as a special guest of the demonstration. Together with her evacuation team she has been rescuing wounded from the most dangerous places on the front lines. From all our hearts we thank Tina and her team for saving the lives of Ukrainians. We hope that with your help we will be able to buy the ambulances and the needed equipment and deliver it to Ukraine. To support the fundraising campaign visit

We also remembered the Mariupol defenders, who left Azovstal one year ago after a long siege and relentless shelling. Many of them are still in russian captivity and we should not forget about our heroes until the last one of them comes back home.

The demonstration ended with the joint performance of the national anthem. We warmly thank everybody who came and who keeps actively supporting Ukraine💙💛

Valokuva: G. Naumov